ManCamp Mania – Season 1, Episode 3

ManCamp Mania, Fast and Slow Research, and Research in the New Academia (0103)


Rothaus, Caraher, and Weber

Season 1, Episode 3 brings you:

  • A question from a listener!  Richard talks more about how to document structures using HD video.
  • ManCamps are emptying?  Is the boom over? (No).  Is the bust here? (No). What do we learn from the “abandonment” of some camps.
  • The Slow Movement
  • The North Dakota Quarterly!  Subscribe!
  • How to be a capitalisti spend all your extra money on chasing earthquakes or audiophilic delights.
  • “Just-in-Time” Research and funding in slow-moving Academia.
  • Why are Universities so slow and risk adverse?
  • Faculty now have to work for a living – this has changed things.
  • Richard says tenure is “crippling,” says age-discrimination may be real, and suggest faculty may be bored (as the listeners may be with this section).
  • What does “moving out” mean in a ManCamp – what did Richard see in his last visit?
  • How video can manipulate your opinion of ManCamps.
  • Interviewing ManCampers, finding the edge, and abusing graduate student Aaron Barth.
  • Man Camp Talk at Killdeer (not Dunn Center like we said): 8 March 2015, Killdeer, High Plains Cultural Center
  • Richard tells an earthquake story.
  • The History of Presence, why we are welcomed when we pry into ManCamper’s lives and how our ManCamp project (and similar projects) help people in unexpected ways.

For your viewing pleasure, here is some of the high definition video from the Fox Run RV Park, Williston, N.D.

One benefit of viewing this in YouTube is you can enjoy the “slider” effect.  Once the video has loaded, you can drag the video backward-and-forward to find the structure you want to see.  YouTube, understandably gives you a low resolution preview as you slide.  So download the actual video file (compressed, so imagine higher resolution).  If you load the file into your favorite media player, you will notice you don’t get a preview (or a good preview) as you slide back and forth.  What you need to use is a video editor to see the slide in all its glory.  Windows users, get Window Movie Maker.  Mac users, find the equivalent.

An evocative and manipulative video of an abandoned trailer:

The Alec Soth video that defines your emotions with music and annoys Richard:

An earthquake photo from Gölcük, Turkey



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